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Painting Calgary

Painting Calgary House Interiors Exteriors Professional Cheap Fast Half Price.
Painting Calgary House Interiors Exteriors Professional Cheap Fast Half Price.

Calgary Painters Painting Calgary House Interiors & Exteriors For Half Price.

1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Is Your Locally Born And Raised Calgary Painter And Calgary Painting Contractor That Specializes In Painting Calgary House Interiors And Exteriors Professional, Cheap, Clean, Fast, And For Only Half Price. No Matter What Other Painting Price Quotes And Painting Estimates You Get From Other Calgary Painters Providing Similar House Painting Services In Calgary, 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Will Find A Way To Provide You Better Painting And A Better Painting Price Quote And Estimate For Better House Painting. No House Painting Job Too Big Or Too Small 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Paints It All For Half Price.
Our Certified Red Seal Trades Painters And Decorators That Paint With 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Are Professional House Painting Painters Specializing In Cheap Interior House Painting And Exterior House Painting And Repainting Services. We've Been Painting Calgary House Exteriors And Interiors For Ten+ Full Years Now And Specialize In Providing You The Cheapest Professional House Painting And Repainting Services In Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Get Painted By Calling Justin @ (403) 467-0342 Or By Emailing
Our Calgary Painters And Calgary Painting Contractors And Our House Painting Business Is Built From The Ground Up To Help You Save Up To 50% Off The Cost Of Paint And Likely Also An Additional 50% Off The Cost Of Professional House Painting. No Matter How Big Or Small Your House Painting Project Might Be The Calgary Painters At 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting That Specialize In Painting Calgary Houses For Less Can Help You Save Money On Both Painting And Paint Without Compromising On Any Part Of House Painting.
To Start With We Are Professional And Educated House Painters. Every One Of The House Painters That Paints With 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Are Certified Red Seal Certified Trades Painters And Decorators. That Means We've All Gone To Professional Post Secondary Painting School And Were All Provided With Over 6000 Hours Of House Painting Training Just To Get Our Red Seal Certified Painting Ticket. In Most Cases This Means We've Been Painting Houses Every Day For A Minimum Of 3 To 4 Years Just To Finish Painting School. That's Also Why We Won The Dulux Painter Of The Year Award Two Years In A Row!
After You've Primed, Painted, And Textured A Few Thousand Houses For Your Day Job You See Alot Of Various Approaches To House Painting And A Lot Of Different Paint, Primer, And Stain Products And Different Ways To Apply Paint To Various Surfaces. You Also Get Hands On Experience And Find Your Own Ways To Paint That Make Painting Easier And Faster And Also Provide Better Painting Finishes. Good Painting, Good Paint, And A Good Calgary House Painter That Enjoys Painting Can All Work Together To Save You Thousands Of Dollars Off The Cost Of House Paint And House Painting. An Again, Interior Painting Calgary Is Our House Painting Specialty.
Our First Claim To Painting Fame That Can Help You Save Money Is Helping You Save Money On Paint. You Might Have Been Looking Around At Various Local Calgary Paint Stores Or Big Retail Box Stores Like Rona, Home Depot, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Etc, Or Perhaps Even Hit Up A Calgary Benjamin Moore Paint Store Or Maybe Even A Cloverdale, Dulux, Or General Paint Store In Calgary And Got A Type Of Paint In Mind And An Overall Type Of Paint Budget To Go With It.
At The Very Least We Can Help You Save Upwards Of 50% Off The Cost Of Retail Paint. No Matter What Brand Name Of Paint, Or Brand Name Series Of Paint You Want To Use, 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Can Save You Up To 50% Off The Cost Of Paint. Being Professional House Painters, And Painting Almost One Hundred Houses Per Year Means We Buy And Use A Lot Of Paint. In Most Cases Most Professional Calgary Paint Stores Will Provide Us The Same Paint For 40% To 60% Off The Retail Cost Of Paint That You Would Typically Paint. This Will Likely Instantly Save You Hundreds Of Dollars Off The Cost Of Paint For Any Small, Medium, Or Large House Painting Project You're Painting.
On Top Of Also Being Able To Help You Save Money Off The Retail Cost Of Paint That You Expected To Pay, We Tend To Use A Whole Lot More Of Some Types Of Brand Name Paint Products That Work Exceptionally Well And Cost Less And Qualify For Even Better Paint Pricing Discounts Simply Because We Use A Lot More Of One Or Two Types Of Paint. This Can Help You Save Up To As Much As $5 Off Each And Every 1 Gallon Can Of Paint You Purchase Which Can Easily Be An Additional Couple Of Hundred Extra Dollars In Savings In Your Pocket.
Another Great Way That We Can Help You Save Even More Money On The Cost Of Paint Is By Simply Helping You Purchase Or Buy Only The Right Amount Of Paint That You Really Need. If You Happened To Talk To Any Of Those Professional Paint Staff At Local Retail Box Stores Like Rona, Home Depot, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Etc, You Should Know That They Will Always Likely Try To Convince You To Use A More Expensive Paint Product Then You Really Need And Likely Get You To Purchase Even More Paint Then You Really Need.
Time And Time Again 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Takes On House Painting Projects After The Home Owner Has Already Purchased A Whole Lot More Extra Paint Then They Really Needed. I've Seen Home Owners Buy As Little As 4 To 5 Extra 1 Gallon Cans Of Paint To As Much As 15 Gallons Of Paint They Didn't Need. If You Purchased This Much Paint That You Already Paid An Arm And A Leg Retail Price For, And You Went Ahead And Got The Paint Tinted Before You Paid And Brought The Paint Home, You Just Bought Yourself Expensive Paint That You Can Not Return To The Paint Store For A Refund Because You Had The Color Applied.
So There Is A Few Various Ways That We Can Help You Save Money On The Cost Of Paint. Many A Home Owner Are Convinced By The Paint Store Staff, Or Some Shady Calgary Painter That The 50 Gallon Interior House Painting Project They Have Planned Is Going To Require 80 Gallons At Only $80 Per 1 Gallon Can When A $20 Can Will Do The Same Job. If You're Considering Booking 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Allow Us To Help You Purchase The Paint You Want To Use And Do Not Buy Any Paint Till We Talk. No Matter What Estimate You Are Given For Paint We Can Help You Save Money On Any Type, Brand, Or Color Of Paint That You Want To Use For House Painting.
Now We Can Get Down To How 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting Can Help You Save Money On Painting And All Of The Free Painting Services And Free Interior And Exterior Repair Services We Provide With Every House Painting We Do Free Of Charge. The Bottom Line Is How You Paint Your House, And How You Go About Painting, Will Directly Effect How Much It Will Cost To Paint Your House. I'll Say It Again, From A Painting Labor Point, How You Go About Painting Your House Will Directly Effect How Much It Will Cost You To Paint Your House.
Being Able To Paint, And Knowing How To Paint Are Not The Same Thing. Just Because You Might Have Painted Or Repainted Your House Your Self A Few Times Doesn't Mean You Really Know How To Paint. The Difference Between Being Able To Paint And Knowing How To Paint Essentially Means The Painter That Knows How To Paint Will Provide A Better Painting Finish, In Less Painting Time, With Less Paint, That Will All Work Together Nicely To Save You Even More Money Of The Cost Of Painting.
For Instance, A Typical Every Day Painter With A Roller Should Be Able To Paint Upwards Of 6000 To 8000 Square Feet Of Drywall Per Day. If You Don't Think You Can Put A Coat Of Paint On Your Drywall Of A 2500 Square Foot Home In Less Then A Ten Hour Day You Can Possibly See The Difference Between Being Able To Paint And Being A Painter. The Typical $12 An Hour Painter Found In Many Calgary Painting Companies Is Expected To Paint Triple The Amount Of Area Then Someone How Can Paint Can. That's Typically Why People Call A House Painter To Paint Instead Of Taking On The House Painting Projects Them Selves. Fast Painters That Know How To Paint Paint Faster And Better Then Other Painters And That Saves You Money Off Your Painting Labor Bill.
Likewise For Exterior House Painting. If You Don't Think You Could Possibly Put A Full Coat Of Paint On The Entire Exterior Of Your House In A Day You Could Possibly Better Understand The Difference Between Being Able To Paint And Being A Painter. The Typical Painter Can Usually Get A Full Coat On Most Modern Small, Medium, And Large Exteriors In A Single Day By Rolling, Brushing, Or Spraying Paint To Your Exterior.
Many Small Things Add Up To Help Save House Painting Customers Money On Paint And Save Even More Money On Painting And House Painting. When You Call In The Calgary Painters At 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting To Provide Interior Painting Services Or Exterior Painting Services You're Hiring Painters And A Painting Business That Can And Will Save You Up To 50% Off House Painting No Matter How Small Or Large Your House Painting Project Might Be.
As An Added Bonus To Saving You Big Dollars Off The Cost Of Professional House Painting With Professional House Painting Products, We Also Throw In Lots Of Free Painting Services And Free Painting Repair Services Free Of Charge To Really Make Your Paint Job Look Better, Last Longer, Add Value, And Add Curb Appeal To Your Home No Matter Where Your Home Might Actually Be. While Other Calgary Painting Companies Might Charge You An Hourly Rate Or Even A Flat Rate For The Following Repairs We Provide These Free Repair Services Free Of Charge Or At Our True Cost To You Free On Every Painting Job.
Free Ceiling Repairs. What Looks Better Then Freshly And Well Painted Walls In A Room Is A Room With A Good Ceiling. Many Times We Paint And Repaint The Interior Of Existing Homes Only To See The Mess And Damage The Previous Painters May Have Left. Wall Paint On The Ceiling, Wall Paint On Door Frames And Window Frames, And Scratches And Dents In Dings In Painted Ceilings And Textured Ceilings Can Really Stand Out In A Room With A New Fresh Coat Of Paint. We Provide Free Ceiling Repairs On Painted Ceilings And Textured Ceilings When You Book 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting For Your Interior Painting Needs.
Free Drywall Repairs. Other Calgary Painters And Most Other Calgary Painting Contractors Are Going To Try To Charge You A Flat Rate Or An Hourly Rate For Mudding, Filling, And Sanding Down Drywall Dents, Dings, Scratches, And Damage On Your Drywall. Chances Are Good If You're Paying A Calgary House Painter To Repair Holes And Dents And Dings In Your Drywall On A Flat Rate Or An Hourly Rate Your Simply Paying To Much. We Go Over Every Square Foot Of Wall Drywall And Patch And Repair All Dents, Dings, Scratches, And Damage That We Can Find Free Of Charge When You Book 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting To Paint Your House Interior Drywall.
Free Caulking And Re Caulking. All Houses Shift And Settle. It's Part Of Owning A Home And Not Much Can Really Be Done About It. It's Common To See Caulking In The Baseboards, Door Frames, Window Frames, And Other Areas That Can Shrink And Crack Or Pull Away From Surfaces. Trying To Simply Paint Over Damaged Caulking Areas And Actually Do A Good Job Is Actually Kind Of Hard To Do. So, When We Come Across Areas That Require Caulking And Re Caulking We Caulk And Re Caulk Those Trouble Areas For Free. It's Quick, Cheap, Easy To Do, And Makes Painting And Repainting A Beautiful Perfect Finish Easy To Do. Good Luck Finding Another Calgary House Painter That Will Provide You Free Caulking. Hire The Painters Calgary Count On To Do Much More For Less If Not Free.
Free Nail Hole Filing. Even The Best And Most Talented House Painters Can Miss Filling Holes In Window Frames, Door Frames, Caps, And Baseboards. Some Times Its Unintentional, And Some Times It's Just What The Customer Ordered. Some Times That's What The Calgary Painting Companies Big Boss Told The Little Calgary Painter What To Do And Here We Are Now. If We're Painting Any Type Of Trim And Come Across Any Type Of Nail Holes, Gaps, Or Damage, Dents, And Dings, We Double Fill Every Nail Hole Free Of Charge Just To Make Our Painting Look Better. And Yet Again, Most Other Calgary Painting Company Owners And Estimators Will Likely Attempt To Charge You Big Bucks For Identical Services. They Will Likely Even Put It In Writing For You As Part Of Your Painting Contract.
Free Sanding Between Coats. If You're Not Careful About Dust And Using Clean Painting Tools On Most Interior And Exterior Painting Projects You Can Run Up Again Junk And Garbage Stuck On Your Walls. Dried Paint Chips And Parts From Dirty Painting Tools And Air Circulation In The House Throwing Dust And Garbage Against Your Freshly Painted Walls Can Make Any Professional Painting Job Look Like It Was Done By An Amateur. We Sand All Surfaces On Every Thing We Paint Before We Paint, And After Each And Every Coat. No Exceptions. We Also Do Our Best To Scrape Down And Sand All Those Tough Chunks On The Walls That Can Really Stand Out On A Shiny New Wall Finish. It Only Takes An Hour Or Two To Completely Sand Down The Entire Interior Of Most Houses. Sanding Between Coats And Scraping Garbage Off The Wall Between Coats Is Quick And Easy To Do, And Another Free Painting Repair Service We Provide With Every Paint Job Other Painters Painting In Calgary Will Likely Charge You Top Dollars For.
Free Pressure Washing. If You Book 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting For Your Exterior House Painting Needs We Pressure Wash Your House Before We Start Exterior Painting, And Pressure Wash Around The Exterior Of Your House After Exterior House Painting To Make Sure We Provide You A Clean And Beautiful Painting Finish And An Equally Clean And Beautiful Exterior To Go Along With Your Exterior House Painting Finish. Some Calgary Painting Contractors Will Try To Charge You A Couple Of Hundred Dollars Of More For Pressure Washing Once Let Alone Twice So You Know You're Going To Save Even More Money Booking 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting And Getting Two Free Pressure Washes With Every Exterior House Painting Project You Book.
Free Siding Repairs. Lets Face It, Not All Exterior House Siding Is Created Equal. Some Types Of Exterior Siding Will Last A Long Time Before Repair Is Required And Other Types Of Exterior Siding Is Going To Fail And Need Repair More Often Then Others. We Provide All Types Of Free Siding Repairs With Every Exterior Paint Job. If You Have Wood Siding, Stucco Siding, Metal Siding, Vinyl Siding, Stone Siding, Brick Siding, Hardy Board Siding, Or Acrylic Siding We Provide Free Siding Repairs On Any Type Of Siding. And You Guessed Right, Every Siding Company And Every Other Calgary Paint Contractor Is Going To Try To Charge You Large Dollars For Usually Easy And Effortless Siding Repairs.
Free Third Coat If Needed. Some Paint Colors Are Easier To Paint Then Other Paint Colors. Some Types Of Paint Are Better At Some Type Of Paint Colors Then Other Types Of Paint. Colors Like White, Red, Blue, Green, And Yellow Are Very Hard To Paint In Two Coats And Should Be Planned For Three. We Always Provide Two Coats Of Paint On Every Paint Job And Try To Avoid Possibly Running Into Needing An Actual Third Coat Of Paint. This Can Be Done By Simply Painting A Single Wall Over Top Of Existing Colors To See The Finish After Both Two And Three Coats Of Paint. If We Take On A House Painting Contract And Quote You Two Coats, But It Actually Needs Three Coats To Make You Happy, We'll Paint You The Third Coat Free Of Charge. Beware Of Calgary Painting Contractors That Will Quote You Two Coats Of Paint In Your Painting Contract That Already Know Will Require A Minimum Of Three Coats. You've Been Warned!
Good Business Only Guarentee. We Only Do Good Business. One Of The Best Painting Companies Calgary Has Around Cow Town That Are Passionate About Painting And Saving You Money. We Can Do Good Professional Interior And Exterior House Painting Business With Each And Every One Of Our Customers And Save Our Customers Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars Off Each And Every Paint Job And Build A Profitable Painting Business With Little To None To Zero Calgary House Painting Competition. One Job At A Time We Build And Rebuilt To Reduce Our Costs To Our Customers And As A Result Take Several Dozen Calls From Interested Customer Per Week. We're In The Business Of Painting Beautiful House Painting Finishes For Each Customer For Less And Growing One Happy Satisfied Customer At A Time. Save Hundreds And Thousands On Painting For Free Simply By Calling Justin At 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting At (403) 467-0342. Book Today, Start Painting Tomorrow, And Get Better House Painting Calgary Can Count On For Less. Be Sure To Check Out Our Online Painting Portfolio That Covers A Small Example Of Our Various Types Of Finished House Paintings.

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